Pay for employees to resign Zappos’s secret of success

to sell a shoe website, 5 years ago, the annual turnover of only $70 million, this year will exceed 1 billion, a HARVARD BUSINESS ONLINE William C. Taylor prepared by the plan revealed the secret of success

there are a lot of companies, they have popular products and price rising fast, but can only succeed in the short term, while the is completely different, they were 5 years ago. The annual sales of $70 million, will reach 1 billion this year. Zappos sells shoes, handbags and other products over the Internet, they deliver quickly, and customers can return it for free. The company has a fanatical pursuit of service, they are not only satisfied with the customer, simply fascinated them.

in the full of cold customer service era, Zappos in customer service enthusiasm so that they rise above the common herd they have been in the recruitment of new employees, and after several weeks of intensive training, the call center of new employees is pay an extra $1000 to make them active and resign, get the money is deemed not up to the requirements of Zappos, Zappos said, these newly recruited employees only 10% will get the final Offer.

Zappos’s reputation has exceeded the plan itself, in fact, the Zappos performance in the market makes me feel have nothing to say, Robert John Ed in his blog, said in a paper published in, the article said, the secret of Zappos’s success is that the concept of customer service into each the customer, every transaction, every moment.

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