Ten days learn Taobao off ninth days novice Amoy how to break the zero income

Since the

guest, often Amoy friends asked me many questions, summarize, this kind of question is the most.

what do you do to Amoy


what’s your income,


what are your ways to promote


why do I have no income?

why my income has been low?

today, share some ideas, hoping to help some novice Amoy break zero income.

breaking the zero income is not difficult. Follow these steps, and you may soon see income. Taobao guest so long, it is best to push the women’s clothing, Taobao to buy Women’s clothing is also much more than other types of goods. So in order to break the zero breakthrough, choose women to promote the fastest.

1, pick attractive women’s goods.

: how to choose from the Taobao search alliance backstage, search content for keywords in season, (remember the season of summer goods don’t push down jacket, winter dress push, it must earn money) such as summer, to find a lot of people, dress, t-shirt. So search from the background of such keywords, and then in accordance with the 30 day cumulative volume. Looking for hot money from the women’s clothing.

2, a compelling content page, can produce their own independent website, also can find a page in a free blog, to pick the goods products neatly arranged, recommended to choose the 310*310 pixel product pictures. Remember that the page should be neat, clear picture, especially the picture must be clear, do not blur. In other parts of the page to put some popular keywords, do Taobao search links, to do some supplement to this page.

3, a good name for the web page, such as: "Taobao women’s dress", Taobao summer dress in, Taobao autumn ladies. Of course, the name should be consistent with your content. Because our goal is to let the people like to see and buy. Rather than just browsing the web.

4, if you are doing ", a traffic statistics for the web, can get web traffic, and promotion of antecedents. In order to follow the guidance of the promotion.

5, to promote the basic things are done, and the rest is the flow of access.

as a novice Taobao guest, in the case of resources, experience is not rich, can only use a number of physical promotion methods.

forum to promote

1, identify the most of the forum with a large number of female users, many of these forums, one by one, from which to select the forum to support the signature of the forum, on the 2, not more than the 2.

2, registered account, upload avatar, improve the information, set up the signature, in the signature and write the content of the page with your keywords, must be attractive, >

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