f you want to start asking yourself these three important questions

Steve · (Steve Blank), Silicon Valley entrepreneur, scholar, entrepreneur manual co-author (originally published in LinkedIn)

With the development of our

training courses, 26 teams are trying to find an answer, that is whether they should be courses to become a company.

as we have always stressed that "evidence based entrepreneurship" and "investment readiness index" (Investment Readiness Level), so I guess there must be someone asked me: "after we understand all these data, based on these data should seek to realize our ideas?"

I would like to point out that the data you have collected over 10 weeks (the result of a dialogue with more than 100 clients, partners, and payers) is not the first thing to focus on. Before that, you should be concerned about three things that are more important.

1 are you willing to spend the next three or four years of your life doing this?

now you have come to understand the potential business channels and potential customers, a problem you need to ask is: are you willing to in the next three or four years with these customers together, and no matter how much money venture will enjoy the fun of


one of the biggest mistakes in my career was to make a mistake. I’ve been in startups, working with engineers to design microprocessors, or selling supercomputers to research scientists to help them solve some very interesting technical problems. But in my last second companies, I’ve been in the video game business. In this company, I was faced with a 14 year old boy. I hated them. The only thing I wanted was for them to go away. The reverse is also true: they won’t buy anything from me.

so, the first thing you and your team need to think about is whether doing business with these customers will make you uncomfortable.

2 do you want to engage in is not a scalable business? If not, then you are only small and not always willing to do


you want to engage in the business is just for fun, but you still have other jobs? If you want to engage in only a very small business, after four years of revenue to reach $4 million, after ten years to reach $8 million? Or one can develop into a scale large enough, which led to the acquisition of or the liquidity injection operations of

?Before you start working on the business you want to do, first of all, you need to determine your personal goals, and think about whether you want to do this business through the development of the future to achieve this goal


you need to connect with others

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