nternet entrepreneurs share looking for opportunities in the cracks

everyone in the world is not the same, social experience, work experience, professional learning, interpersonal relationship and so on, so we choose the industry ready to start to choose their own love and the most suitable for their own industry, this is your business success is one of the most important chips, step by step wrong will be wrong. We need to do a lot of business research and market demonstration, according to their preparation, funding, team resources and other factors to determine the feasibility of an industry. This is the beginning of the most important step, is also an essential step. The following is my own business case, I hope my case can give you help and inspiration.

1, industry selection and Prospect Analysis

according to their own preferences with several years of experience in the industry with the Internet, we can select the right entrepreneurial social business this year noisy very hot. 08 years into the Internet industry, has done the forum, made the portal, made the image of the station, relative to individual entrepreneurs, technology and operation is a little easier, better than the traditional business forum (I do fear the forum). The main user groups of social electricity supplier is the same woman, mogujie.com, beautiful, say, stroll, drag the network is its typical representative. Promote the goal is more clear, but also more ways to promote, which is an important factor in my choice. Socialization electricity supplier from a birth, it is the positioning of young women, shopping guide nature of social networking site is to ease the flow of electricity providers. Data show that mogujie.com, Taobao brings 800 thousand -90 per day of traffic, the amount of the transaction, Taobao access to tens of thousands of commission from the open platform of 10. Calculated down to 150 million per month to generate the amount of the transaction – while the total turnover of Taobao’s open platform in 2011, but only about $3 billion. Women love shopping and social, so that the combination of the two, so the achievements of the social electricity supplier. Social networking sites can be seen in the foreground is quite large, in a very short period of time, the emergence of a lot of such stations. However, where to cut into a problem.

2, looking for market segments, precision cut

said that the social electricity supplier had to talk about the beautiful and mogujie.com these two stations, the concept of social electricity supplier is also due to these two stations gradually being recognized and attention. Up to now, the beauty of registered users to break through 15 million, which is a huge user base, so impressive achievements they have spent a mere two years. Mogujie.com is also the same, and their users cover all the Chinese women and girls who like online shopping, from high school to work, from white-collar workers to housewives, they come from all aspects. Since I want to choose this industry, then where to cut into the user base is those? How to locate these problems have been bothering me!

Through the investigation and analysis of

carefully, I use group locked in the college girls, there are nearly a thousand university Chinese, the college girls have nearly 10 million, and each year is increasing, this is a very large group of users. This million girls

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