How do the webmaster pop up ads

my site 123 to read, there have been nearly ten thousand IP, very stable, clear interface, rich content, complete functions, can be said to be a successful website, for those pages out of order website, I can proudly tell you, this is really my station all over the world the one and only stand for it, the content at a glance, users want to see what is there, but we want to know how I do pop ads to make money? How can the income does not affect the flow under the condition of


first of all, by the impact of the current financial crisis, many of the advertising alliance will be greatly reduced, then how to choose these advertising alliance has become our top priority. The selection of these advertising must be honest, that is a good reputation in the advertising industry, not deadbeat, this is very important. After all, our money is hard won, are hard-earned money. Who don’t want to give those dirty advertisers to the black. I am here to recommend several easy to ads8, and the Wanatchee.

secondly, in addition to select advertisers, but also try to optimize their website, or as fast as possible to make the site faster. It has made the website of pop is slowing down, it will make our website flow reduction. Optimization is speed up their own website, we have to do, so users can not find it slow, willing to accept, it also depends on our website popups even.


is the right to choose their own websites pop. Do not think as much as possible is to make more money, because we have to take into account the effectiveness of advertising. After all, if the delivery person did not make any money, so it is also a waste of money, which will affect the confidence of advertisers, so to choose their own appropriate advertising, advertising let users know more information, and make advertisers benefit, this is a win-win situation. A vote cast is very miscellaneous short-sighted behavior, remember!

above is I do my website 123 reading: little enlightenment, this may be helpful to you, if there is wrong, please advice!

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