On August the GG account is blocked the memory available to the novice as a guide

in August 5th, my GG account was actually closed, speechless! Inside the more than and 600 dollars so no!

recently in view of the record, we found that your AdSense account to our AdWords advertisers brought great risks. If your account continues to remain in our publisher network, may make our advertisers on economic losses, so we have decided to disable your account.

in order to protect the interests of our advertisers and other AdSense publishers, we must take this measure, please understand. We know that this may cause you a lot of inconvenience, thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

please do not reply to this email if you have any questions about your account or what we have done. You can visit the following website to learn more about

love: https://s.google.com/adsense/s; =57153& hl=zh_CN.

GG account is invalid in the name of too many clicks, the background has been unable to enter. Fortunately, I had a map that? Memories of it


my station is a 15 thousand IP station PV at about 40 thousand

here do not give you to discuss the problem of cheating is not cheating, then there is no point in talking about it!

GG my account is May 2007 for the first time in a long time, earn 100 dollars, just to catch up with the Western Union, is got. And then a long time ah, is enough for 200 dollars, in March of this year because of work reasons, no time to take, then the next payment reservation. Has not been how to manage, site traffic in the rise, the money has been rising, from the previous day, up to 1 dollars a day, the highest day of $20, the basic average of $8-10 per day. 15 thousand IP station, this money is normal. On the night of July 25th, I suddenly remembered that I had time to withdraw money, so I studied how to cancel the reservation, because I didn’t do it, so I took a look at Baidu. Found a lot of sensitive topics, there are said to cancel the reservation payment, the account will be closed, not too concerned about. I thought it was not possible, then contact the Google request to cancel the reservation payment, the night of the hair, the morning of the second day was actually said by the letter has been canceled, I thought the work efficiency really fast. I don’t care too much (July 26th).

August 5, 2008, get up in the morning into the habit of looking at the account, there is no problem, 3-5 PM and look at it, there is no problem (engage in GG should look at this time). More than 7 in the evening, into their mailbox to see the next mail, found that the letter from the Google, a letter is in the afternoon of 3 points, what the Pearl of the plan of what (delete early)

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