Network to find a part time money Raiders

do not know because their excess energy, although there is a stable job, but it is time to sent in his spare time, make life more fulfilling, before playing online games, later found to burn too much, will not continue. But that reminds me, why not take advantage of this free time to do a part-time job, so that we can make money, but also to enrich their lives!

said, when I was a school of art and design, nature is the hope to do some graphic design work, money will come faster, how helpless, there is no way we no way, to find a job is really not easy, always pay attention to the Shanghai local newspaper what, this kind of recruit personnel information is less and less, occasionally a, or even to full-time, ah……

so, I try to find a job through part-time website, there is a beginning point of depressed, found online information too miscellaneous too messy, do not know which sites are more reliable, but over the course of this part-time more than half a year, it summed up some experience:

1, looking for a part-time job to a large, reliable website

I find part-time in the process of the Internet and found a lot of subtle place, that is, some of the part-time site is actually a talent intermediary opened. You know, we actually do a part-time job generally do not want to find an intermediary, because the first intermediary will collect some registration fee or take some commission, secondly, the current intermediary market confusion, some intermediary ask your entry fee what, let you go home and live, then was lost. In the past, I have seen a similar report in the newspaper, of course, there are some good intermediary, but depends on your luck.

so, in the selection of part-time website, we must be careful to find a large, professional website, what kind of talent service company to start the site you have to be careful, it may be an intermediary. There are websites trying to ask you to join their members, and then ask you to pay an annual fee, said it will introduce you to work, so you have to carefully consider.

so, which shows the importance of looking for a reliable website! Find so many sites, I found on the Shanghai region, Kijiji ( Shanghai channel ( market, part-time part-time, part-time network Shanghai Shanghai section ( of these websites are very good! That is offered to provide a free platform for the exchange of information and the relatively large amount of


2, browse some of the recommendations of part-time website information

found a reliable web site, so start browsing, one can also find information, through the station search, search for their counterparts in the part-time job, the general amount of site information are very large, you certainly have the right to work. Take my own example, I Kijiji (, Shanghai (part-time network www>

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