Google AdSense will you pay me this month

there are a lot of publishers who sent us a letter asking if they would pay him that month. We know that our payment process is more complex, many publishers do not quite understand. So today we have a clear explanation of our payment process to help you understand when you will pay.

first, our payment time is every month of the end of the month, about 25 to 30. Payment after payment is a retransmission at this time, so at other times there is no payment.

let’s see if you will pay this month. If you can pay in the end of the month, you need to meet the following four conditions:

first: your account revenue reached $100 last month.

please note that if your income in this month 1 after it reached $100, then you can only wait until next month until the end of the payment.

second: confirm the PIN code and phone number before 15 this month.

if you do not enter the PIN code or confirm the phone number after 15 this month, you will not be able to pay this month.

third: before the month of 15 to submit tax information, and select the payment method.

similarly, if you do not submit the tax information or choose the payment method after the 15, you will not pay this month.

fourth: all payments will be held until 15 this month.

These include your own

payment reserve payment set last month without reservation, on time to receive the remittance of payment retained, or after modification of the payee name reservation payment. You must remove these reservations before the 15 of this month to receive payment this month.

if you have any payment reservation, there will be a red prompt box to remind you. To remove these reservations you simply click on the link in the prompt box and follow the instructions.

well, you should now know only your account at the same time to meet the above 4 conditions is the end of this month, we will send you the payment. Any one of these conditions is not met, you will need to wait until the end of next month or later.

now, you just go to the 4 conditions in your account check above, can immediately know the end of this month will pay to you


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