The technique and effect of network advertisement

advertising language is the key of the click rate. There is a relevant case. A website for an online bookstore advertising, due to operational errors, the advertising slogan "a day only one hour to finish reading a book" as "a day only when climbing an hour, this is difficult to forgive mistakes, as they worry about being held accountable when they found false ads click on the high rate of odd, far more than the average hit rate of 0.5% Internet advertising. When asked why some Internet users click on the ad, the answer is almost the same: want to know exactly what to spend an hour to do?

on the Internet, users desire is very high. So, with the dialogue cause problems or curiosity advertisements than straight advertising effect is good; say a word rather than complete sentence; irony; said the more mysterious, more difficult to understand better. Like etang on a web site for a female to do advertisement "I am not a geek, I was a butterfly, butterfly flying", has received very good results.

"click" three words appear in advertising to a certain extent affect the ctr. The survey found that animation, advertising language and click on the three words on the click rate were 20%, 60% and 20%, respectively.

and in the online advertising pricing mode, there are two valuation methods: CPM and CPA. CPM (thousand people cost) refers to the process of advertising, to hear or see the average number of ads per one thousand people share the cost of advertising. Traditional media use this pricing method. In online advertising, CPM depends on the "impression" scale, usually interpreted as the number of times a person’s eyes stare at an advertisement in a fixed period of time. CPA valuation means that the actual effect of advertising, that is, according to the recovery of the effective questionnaire or order to charge, and not limited to the amount of advertising. CPA valuation methods for the site, there is a certain risk, but if the success of advertising, its revenue is much larger than the valuation of CPM way.

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