Sustainable profitability of Chinese websites



  please visionary entrepreneurs webmaster, patience to read the text below, a few minutes may decide the future of your business;
2,   this is advertising (we are relying on advertising to make money, but the real thing) advertising, no false;

  CPS is in accordance with the sales of paid advertising model, 1996 originated in the United States Amazon Co; in 2006 the U.S. e-commerce sales is $100 billion, of which 50 billion from the CPS alliance, 2006 American website received $5 billion CPS revenue; 12 consecutive years of rapid growth, proved that CPS is a stable and sustainable growth revenue model.

at home, CPS started late, until 2004 gradually flourished, to 2007, with the rapid development of Electronic Commerce (according to the survey, China online shopping coverage has reached 25.5%, each of the 4 Internet users in 1 online shopping), CPS has become the mainstream of the advertising model, 2007 CPS advertising the income scale is expected to be 30 million yuan, has a Tencent, CILU, hao123, Tesco, parity, Joobuy, Lang Lang net net books more and more sites to dig into the pot of gold CPS market.

is the largest Yiqifa China CPS advertising alliance, monthly sales of more than 15 million yuan, about 1800000 yuan of commission, DELL, Amazon, Dangdang and other dozens of cooperative shopping sites, covering books, audio and video, digital, mother, cosmetics, clothing, and other types of goods, Home Furnishing ticket, can meet almost all Internet users shopping needs.

In order to further promote the development of

CPS, found billion from the host "CPS experience" activities, all the owners in September to join the Yiqifa and produce performance, per capita reward with your website logo Mug a, and join the new site in the performance of the top 3 owners of the cash award 3000, 2000, 1000 yuan, can not enter the top 3 also never mind, we also prepared MP3, MP4, ZIPOO, a Swiss Army knife, Kingston TF card, the value of million couples of rabbits and other prizes for you.

Details of the

activities are available: P=27

delegate to fish than to teach people to fish, if you are interested in CPS or any doubt, please contact our CPS webmaster consultant, QQ:476343022

friendly tips, CPS suitable for the following types of Web site:

station, product reviews station, comparison shopping station, station, station, star fans. Mother station, female beauty station, community forum, academic education station (foreign language, law, psychology, mathematics, etc.), high viscosity Web2.0 Student Forum website, blog, and group purchase channels or personal good at SEM.