Master big talk about Ali mother cheat experience

sometimes when not writing the original post really is not pull! Give some just into the network of friends to a striking, it began cheating it almost half a year in today’s April. I was just beginning to learn to do every day, just want to earn more money (the owners do not want to earn more money) money have to rely on capital, rely on technology by flow. This is really difficult for a small webmaster.

The first time

cheating project: Asia dating this will think it really is a bit SB, said a woman member registration online for $2, a man registered for $1, then think of it, that day just registered 10 men 5 women also have $20 US dollars for Renminbi that is not more than and 140 dollars! (then $1 =7 RMB) a Xiangqilaijiu heart a chance to make money, without demur directly to the two sites I hung up advertising, then change your own IP registered, the registered members has reached 20 down, the heart can not say happy, the background is a look at the amount of 25 I $on such money, I also registered more tired. 3 days is $75, later in the chat QQ when talking to a friend, he said the money is difficult, and this is the K rate of 100%, I was heart good pain, also can not be reconciled. By the end of the month I check the account, the results were closed, Speechless! (it was SB, if it received the money, it is not China 100 million Adsense fortune! Hey! Don’t say)

second project: GG cheat cheated with own website for GG advertising, then the application code and hang on the station, originally I site IP was less 100IP a day income of less than $1, my heart! It is so difficult to do stand, also see some GG cheating in this website the heart will also want to cheat, spent 100 yuan to buy 8000IP monthly, and then to the website of a Muzi alliance, every click, at this time the income of $50 in Tianda, the heart is urgent! Less than a week, the account can not log in, then the heart a tight web search to know the account is depressed K dead. (this will know GG cheating small webmaster will die, but also without K) this will not GG to hang, two empty money lost 300 yuan

third cheating project: Ali mother cheated the first time before cheating failed to say Ali mother advertising alliance advertising good application, and just started cheating, it is already 08 years in June, the year of. I put the advertisement and placed on the website for the first GG cheating methods, listening to friends that cheat click rate is not too high, you can cheat successfully, I really try at the time, for a number of advertising, also bought a hefty flow and cheating (pioneer and Muzi Alliance – Cheat Software) plus other small daily income of a few hundred to one thousand is 1000 yuan / day to give you two Zhang was cheating income picture, above there is my QQ number:



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