How traditional enterprises into the mobile nternet

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traditional enterprises to do what App can learn from this article comes from the knowledge of the horse horsepower answer.

mobile Internet is changing our lives, but also change our business environment. I like to cite a data: in March 2012, the number of domestic smart terminals (iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, etc.) for 85 million units, and in the same year in October, this figure increased to 200 million units. 7 months, an increase of more than 100 million devices. By the end of 2013, this figure will increase to the number of


mobile Internet is characterized by low technology user experience threshold. We now see the 80 year old, to see the children of the age of 1, playing iPad, playing with the phone, it should not be surprised that it is. Imagine, before the computer, people face the threshold is not high, some more? Whenever and wherever possible lightweight and portable, low cost and so on natural interactive, make mistakes, these for ordinary users, open use technology to improve the daily life of the door.

mobile Internet has changed the way of information transmission, and information, is to promote the normal operation of our economy and society one of the foundation. Traditional business is largely driven by traditional media, newspapers, magazines, television and so on, corporate advertising, consumer spending. Here the interaction is often one-way, broadcast, people can only passively accept or not. On the basis of the mobile Internet, due to the cognitive threshold, reducing the threshold of interaction, people can take the initiative to participate in more commercial activities, can make a sound, individuals can have a greater impact. But the enterprise faces, is no longer a group, but individual. Mobile Internet is able to correspond to the individual, and then large enterprises, and now face, may be a separate consumer.

visionary companies will not ignore the opportunity here. Can catch up with the mobile Internet Express, may become a lot of traditional business race in the curve. Some of the eyes of the enterprise to do a good job, such as Nike, should be one of the first companies in the traditional car ride. Fuelband the establishment of the ecological system, both Nike and its own domain related (sports and health), and with the advantage of the mobile internet.


from the point of view of technology, enterprises in the mobile Internet, there are a lot of options, Mobile Web, Native App (mobile website), Hybrid App (native) (native and Web mixed application, and the application of the third party) based on the platform, such as WeChat (WeChat public account with more interactive applications, Facebook (domestic) including micro-blog, have not really formed such a platform). >

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