SEO entrepreneurial battle started Do three elements willingness ability and resources

SEO is entrepreneurship, but also a new industry entrepreneurship. SEOER as a new type of industrial entrepreneurs, it is very difficult to fight, just like in the dark feel like stones across the river. Therefore, the experience of the predecessors is particularly important, but everyone is not the same way to go, blindly imitation is not enough. The so-called "learn from the experience of the predecessors", is not to follow the old road, but the success of the previous model, see their chance of success. So small this is also the depth analysis of a representative Entrepreneur: Yu Minhong and he said you three elements.

Yu Minhong in the hearts of 80 entrepreneurs after 90, is definitely a God character. He start empty-handed, to become head of the New Oriental success. I believe that every entrepreneur, absolutely have heard at least a speech Yu Minhong. Yu Minhong some time ago not taboo to talk about the secret of his success, he said that the success of the three elements: willingness, ability and resources. This is also a small series today to the depth of the content analysis.

will be more than anything: a soldier who does not want to be a general is not a good soldier

as the saying goes, do not want to be a general is not a good soldier, not an enemy to win the heart, how can play his weapon. No blood filled with the desire to succeed, and how can unswervingly go their own way, therefore, want to succeed, the will to succeed than anything else.

In fact,

said this sentence is very empty, each SEOER will say, I want to be successful. Of course I want to be successful, who do not want to be successful. But when paid a lot are not rewarded, you really can stick to their original dream, unswervingly follow the initial decision to walk? So small it can be said that in the three points, will look simple, in fact, is the most difficult. This kind of thing is too abstract to be available at any time. At the same time, she is too fragile, need time to firm maintenance, and can be a little bit difficult breakdown. Therefore, it is necessary to have a long and persistent process in order to irrigate the firm will. First of all, it is necessary to figure out what their intentions are, what is the ideal. Entrepreneurship is not to rely on a large but Emmanuel prompted by a sudden impulse Sheng, have a vague desire, and then continue to torture their own this is not my dream. If you want to be successful, you need to know where you are going. And so the heart of the real firm, and then continue to deepen their wishes. How to enhance their own wishes? There are many methods, such as learn more about this information, and in the field of human contact, are a good way to enhance their willingness of success, with entrepreneurial intention, want to succeed will have the possibility of success.

ability is the foundation of success: a force can not and will not light.

is the most important success factor for entrepreneurs, especially independent entrepreneurs. Money can be raised, information can be collected, but the ability of individuals is a real no discount. If a person does not have enough

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