Wang Shi and his venture capital

Laopan said: one person in Shenzhen, he created the world’s largest residential housing prices, but he was determined to give the boss care most early "shares", even the company "management rights" are handed out…… The two temptations of money and power fail in him…… He has enough capital and strength to discuss some of the big issues, but he has always defined himself as a pure entrepreneur – he is Wang Shi.

even more surprising is that after the middle age, he boarded the top of the 2 Mount Everest, is the first to complete the 7+2 chinese. At the same time, he was obsessed with charity, served as president of the Alashan ecological association, is now China’s most credible and well-known NGO one fund executive chairman. He studied at Harvard hundreds of years ago in Japan, and went to Cambridge to explore the Jewish history"……


one, things look at the problem – rational, popular methodology

boom! Boom!!! Who convinced the Boston marathon in the end point of Wang Shi, this is not the car tire, this is a terrorist attack. He saw two people in the opposite direction: athletes and spectators from the inside out, slow, and the other is an ambulance, fire engines, police, they go from outside to inside, the speed is very fast. There is no imagination in the chaos, everything is logical, the command of the broadcast began to broadcast, crowded supermarkets were soon evacuated, subway outage, roads and bridges blocked…… A month later in Beijing, Wang Shi recalled the scene and said, "you can feel that their logic is very clear. We always talk about "how to make the Our wills unite like a fortress. ‘, but the effort on the technical content. There is an accident, immediate compassion or courage, as a human instinct, foreigners and Chinese not what difference, can not say that people better than us, but the difference is in different organizational ability after the accident."


problem is not terrible, it is important method to solve the problem, the Harvard study tour after two years, Wang Shi is more concerned about discussing problems of methodology. He often says, "why’s problem must be in how’s way."

two, do not waste time – people to the age of 60, has just started

The 62 year old Wang Shi

and muscular body, straight and thin

‘s face is like steel wire, the line is very hard

he is quite complacent about their bodies, no age entrepreneurs common moon face and a beer belly.

he is wearing a slim suit, no tie, on his face suggests that the vicissitudes of life and personality, which is to keep the.

he has a private stylist who knows how to dress.

At the age of 60, at the age of, he suddenly realized that he was a "fearless man of ignorance."". At Harvard, he began to learn Chinese traditional philosophy and find out who I am.

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