Code saves the world Treehouse launched a program to develop training courses


now is a good time to participate in "learning encoding" movement: the whole world on forced developers desperate.

in particular, New York, the development of extreme shortage of talent, making the company’s technology companies to see the boss is a pair of ambiguous eyes. The government has repeatedly tried to encourage and introduce talents in this field. But the reality is cruel, from Estonia to Chicago in all areas are complaining again and again. People began to think, if the development of more excellent development talent.

Treehouse saw this considerable market, it produced a programming, management, coding courses to develop more developers to meet the needs of society and individuals. Treehouse is a video intensive start-up companies, which claims to have 12000+ paid users, these users bring more than $3 million in revenue. Today, the company officially released Android and iOS application programming courses. By the way, Treehouse has a crazy goal: to make you know nothing about junior programmers. Package teaching package will be


now only pay $25 to start a beginner’s tutorial, but to learn iOS and Android applications advanced tutorial also need to wait until December. If Treehouse has 15 full-time teachers hard work, you have to worry about no more complex


full-time teachers is a place to pay attention, this program is completely contrary to Codecademy. The latter takes the course crowdsourcing model (commonly known as outsourcing, which is part time teacher). The two method is good, depending on what kind of courses you personally prefer. I personally tend to full-time teachers, because each person is not the same approach to teaching, accustomed to a person’s teaching model easier to learn.


founder Ryan Carson very frankly said: "I do not expect our products can be in a short period of time to train outstanding senior developers." It is concluded that the Ryan Carson is that he is obviously old, crafty person, to rival the finger crying "Lao Tzu can cultivate junior developers in a short period of time, you do!". This strongly condemned the behavior of joseph.

article source: TheNextWeb

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