Our entrepreneurial story married my partner


author Lindsay Driver is co-founder of Animal Lover Funding, who co founded the company with her husband.

day, I am a full-time staff, a children’s welfare institutions in the evening, I was a struggling entrepreneur, and I want my partner to a bed to sleep, even worse is that we have just got married. It’s crazy, I’ve got a lot of nights when I feel like I’m going crazy.

we have been married for more than two months, our co founded animal care fund was established in December 2012. The marriage life is fairly smooth. Because I have lived together before, so there is no big change after marriage. However, when a career woman and a man of progress come together, there is a crazy entrepreneurial ideas, then you will have is not great is crazy. Let’s take a look at the good side:

prepared for the wedding, entrepreneurship, marriage, these down to teach me something. A I feel is the guy you want to marry your love, love your new career, or great pressure will overwhelm you. Another is to get married and start feeling these two things in fact. Our marriage life and entrepreneurial life both interconnected, let us become more powerful people.


this is the passion. When I put on the wedding dress that moment, I think everything is so unreal, like the end of the day after the work we watch the scene in the Netflix film.

I remember last November, my boyfriend (now husband) told me he had a good idea. He said that we can set up a public web site to help those who raise pets to pay a high veterinary medical expenses. We all know how expensive it is to treat pets. Why don’t we help people solve this problem?

good idea. I like it. We are full of passion, we know people who have the same difficulties as us, and we hope to do something to help them. I thought the idea was good, and we could have done it well. So we decided to start this project. We have found a good web developer, every night we discuss how to do, for each other’s good ideas and excited, immersed in the happiness. As we win, if you are full of passion, if you love your career is successful is not with you waving? Business and marriage honeymoon is really good ah.


then, when I found out that my husband didn’t wash the dishes, wash clothes, or use a vacuum cleaner, I was hit hard. Although he will take care of the dog, work is also very hard, but the thing at home is no matter. He also began to realize that my food is terrible.

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