Advertising alliance of the 114 alliance webmaster another choice

It concerns

Wangzhuan 114la alliance has been a long time. This morning, the Union has been registered. Ha ha, I’m happy here. I analyzed a few points, it is necessary to register the webmaster friends this union. The reasons are as follows:

first, in the complex network environment today, we engage in the site’s revenue is mainly dependent on the alliance, then we must also engage in diversification. It is necessary to reserve a good union.

second, the alliance is ylmf division. Ylmf recently a very high-profile, but according to the news, the background is very hard for. It pushed out the advertising alliance, it will not be too bad.

third, these days Google’s retreat, engage the stationmaster friend is jittery. If he really patted his ass and left, then ADSENSE? Some friends may say that it did not come to China before the ADSENSE also survive ah. Yes, but now the situation is not the same, if ADSENSE is OVER, we can cry. Therefore, it is necessary to apply for a good new alliance.

fourth, the alliance known as thousands of IP10-20 yuan. Although it is not comparable to some of the so-called alliance IP80-100 thousand dollars, but I think this is more stable. You can think about it, if the union is not enough to eat, he will let us eat.

fifth, we can think about why this alliance is now pushed out. One is that this time, Baidu was black, Google escape, oh, of course is the best time. So I think this alliance has long insisted that. In contrast to his price, I think the credibility of this union should be very good.

this is my list of reasons, the purpose is to help you analyze the current situation, more than a few registered alliance. I registered fairly well today. In addition, to share with you how to quickly register this alliance.

first, open the union, the user name in English, it does not support chinese. Also pay attention to the password, I use a combination of numbers and English, but not, the old tip error. It is recommended that you only use English password, which is the need to pay attention to.

second, the second step is to promote the way, most of us engage in the site, you choose to promote the site, but in addition to this promotion, there are several ways to promote this alliance for everyone to choose. Promote the flow of words, according to your own traffic write. Finally, the site description, here we will pay attention to. Be sure to bring your site, this is the most important.

as I described her site: it has 2 years to do Wangzhuan station experience, site traffic are regular traffic. Hope to develop together with your alliance.

third, fill in the contact and telephone number, as well as QQ. Ha ha, but here to fill the true >