Experts say the pioneering innovation must start from the coyotes

"returnees entrepreneurship, must be from " innovative hyenas " start." National people plan expert Association vice president Zhang Hui said in Beijing on 29, returned home business, should be determined to become a "global view, Chinese heart, professional level, local entrepreneurs Chinese Kung Fu".

29, the Beijing municipal Party Committee Organization Department, Beijing municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau, Beijing overseas scholars center jointly held here in the Beijing overseas scholars innovation and entrepreneurship development forum". Zhang Hui, President and chief executive officer of Beijing Yi Yi news Polytron Technologies Inc, said the returnees need to fill the class is the heart of China and local Kung fu".

in the view of Zhang Hui, "Chinese heart" is to have a sense of mission, to understand the situation, into the local soil, to understand the real needs of countries, understand the market; and the "local time" is a means to do BD and the integration of resources, to seize the key customers and partners, can work in a non ideal market environment and survive, can bring out the local team.

1999 Zhang Hui received a doctor of electrical engineering at University of California at Berkeley, returning in 2006 founded the Beijing InnoFidei Co. Ltd., 2008 was included in the implementation of the central organization department for the introduction of overseas high-end talent "thousands of people plan". Now, as a set up only 5 years many enterprises, InnoFidei have been a number of technological breakthroughs in TV, mobile phone and other mobile Internet industry.

Zhang Hui, Lenovo and HUAWEI as the representative of the last century from the 80s began to grow up Chinese successful enterprises, they are based on proxy or copy foreign products started, so he called "copycat coyotes, they gradually accumulated capital, is moving from the leopard to the lion. Another category is Internet Co, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba as the representative of the enterprise has become a local lions".

"overseas enterprises should gradually completed by " " is " the wolf; the leopard, eventually became " " " lion; transformation." In the eyes of Zhang Hui, returnees if you want to create a successful enterprise, must be innovative, suitable for the local soil, with a strong spirit of the local first "wolf", to continue to accumulate their own core competitiveness in technology, business model, industry resources and contacts etc..

"returned home business, most afraid of is that The climate does not suit one." Zhang Hui said, with investors than expected to be difficult, the market broke out slower than expected competition than expected to be fierce, must strive to obtain long-term support and help of the government; Zhongguancun is the most suitable for the cultivation of innovative entrepreneurial holy coyotes.