Foreign lead market analysis is still a big cake

Hello everyone I am little, before the A5 to share a lot of knowledge about foreign Wangzhuan, some friends from childhood fly blog understand and learn foreign Wangzhuan, some people have earned a lot of dollars formally entered the foreign Wangzhuan industry. To bring such a big harvest is really little pleasure, today I give you analysis of foreign Wangzhuan prospects.

when we do Wangzhuan abroad mainly do is foreign lead, a foreign lead article before the boats had many of the analysis, we can also go to your blog to learn foreign boats.

recently, some people say that foreign lead bad to do, and even some people asked me if lead is not working. In fact, this is all suspicious, I do not know where the "rumors" know who US circle of friends but there is a sign of warmer market.

a few years ago, the same task with a IP operation a few times to add money to the task, then did not know how many million or even create a millionaire. Compared with that, now that foreign Wangzhuan not with money like crazy, this is the Internet advertising industry standard a sign. But this does not mean that other issues, including my own understanding and the circle of friends, each hear people say this is not good to do when they couldn’t help laughing, others where a lot of money, only those who have not started the rookie there casually shouting. You look at those Wangzhuan Trading Forum have account transactions, a lot of people in there every day if others do not explain what? Where do trading account, so this alone is a discerning eye can see the prospect and the present state of this line.

in addition to the reasons for the two elder brother can fully explain this line will always exist, first:

advertising alliance is actually stood in our affliate here, what is the purpose of the alliance they? Is not to make money? If there is no EMU, so the League turnover will be much lower, even difficult to operate. What about EMU, do not know how to go to my blog friends can learn. Why would K off a part of union? This is because when a large number of complaints of advertisers, advertisers will have to cope with the alliance K cheating off those stupid people, can be regarded as a way to lose a pawn to save a castle. So we have to do is to improve their level of EMU, and boats teach technology at present to deal with the general union examination, so those who say do lead high threshold actually lies in yourself and not deep enough.

second: most companies need the so-called false prosperity, to contribute to their IPO, so they can go to the market to sell a good price. Take a look at Groupon, the pure growth of CPA model of the company, the market value of billions of dollars. Moreover, from the EMU, we should also think about some other ways, combined with each other, can achieve excellent results. For example, a friend bought a t> in 09 years

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