Taobao mall operations traffic performance brand

recently a customer wanted to Taobao mall, let me write a business plan. Just completed the plan to take out for everyone to share.

my client is to do the luggage industry, has its own brand, its own design team, their own factory, has been doing franchise chain stores. Recent electricity supplier to see the fire, but also want to try.

like such a new brand to be settled in Taobao mall, to go through several stages:

first, the initial stage: the key lies in the details of

stationed in Taobao mall, the first thing to do five things:

1, store management

(1) mall positioning

(2) familiar with platform

(3) proficient rules

(4) decoration shop

2, commodity management

(1) product picture

(2) product description

(3) commodity classification

(4) route planning

3, customer service training

(1) knowledge structure

(2) service skills

(3) ability identification

(4) system training

4, promotion management

(1) to send

(2) package marketing

(3) Limited discount

(4) red integral



I special

special attention should be paid to the two points: first, reflect the urgency of the time to show the special price of


II spike

spike to pay attention to three points

a huge price gap announced the news ahead of the multi propaganda message


III draw

draw attention to three points

grand prize is big enough for a small prize wide enough to show


IV package

mail to pay attention to two points

is suitable for low-cost goods, the heavy draw up rules


V /

to send gifts

to send to the attention of the two.

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