At the end of 8000 month expose SP practice is actually very simple

in several forums and statistics, see a "month Paul at the end of 8000, SP", also saw a lot of people are asking whether it is true, because the way to 500 yuan to buy, I am poor, did not buy, poring over a few days, if you really have a good quality, Paul at the end of 80 thousand months you can do it, of course, now I can’t do so much, now every day up to 20, 30 yuan.

In fact, he provided the

fee of $500, is to teach you some methods, such as how to start, why can I earn, roughly speaking, let hundreds of savings of people want to buy it, in fact, this money is two words: temptation

this tutorial is only suitable for people who have a certain website foundation, if anything will not buy the person to go to the tutorial, did not see the use of

needs something: space, domain name, SP

I simply say what to do:

1, there is a small amount of space, a domain name, and then put on such as qoomm. Com this kind of website template, in fact, is a few pure HTML page, a little understanding of the site will be able to immediately put him over COPY.

2, the template COPY, to register an account, log in, access to video code, because the template advertising code is all according to the format of the 300*30 to take, so you take 300*30 in the background of the format, put your COPY template in the text code that small advertisement place for all you get in on payment of union advertising code.

3, after the change, all successful, do some pop, QOOMM. In fact, COM pop is very good, but the best don’t bomb, causing resentment.

4, upload space, domain name resolution, the temptation of site finished, how to start the American people.

5, the most important fact is the traffic problem, which I didn’t do well now, pull over traffic is not high (reluctant to buy traffic, no way), I taught here, there are a lot of flow exchange alliance, try to find the explicit flow than the alliance, such as Through the exchange (I believe the day more than and 200 IP, but only 4 and 5 custom


6, the flow of every day to observe your background with custom, over 50 yuan ready money.

is completely free to teach, is also my own thought, estimated that the people selling is how to buy high quality traffic and provide a template, this template will point as long as they can engage in their own base. There are questions you can send e-mail [email protected], empty I will give you the answer.

would like to put my own stand out, but today the United States and the space is wrong, and do not see, depressed….

here to remind: this kind of site is temptation site, basic domestic not >

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