Trojan break trading network to steal credit card fraud man password 220 thousand

stole a lot of credit card information

Zhang Chong 1 stolen from the trading site provide credit card information, passwords and other

2 Jiang Xinglin to Taiqian County for a fake ID card

3 according to Zhang Chong Yu Yang He provides information and false identity card to the city where the bank counter card (


Zhang Chong of 4 telephone banking transfer with a disposable mobile phone to buy a new, will the money on the card into the card on

5 Yang Yu to take money on the counter

6 Jiang Xinglin responsible for driving the return on the same day in front of

Trojan break trading website, stole a lot of credit card information

February 20, 2008, doing business in Zhengzhou, Mr. Wang received a phone call to inform the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank East Branch staff when he remain perplexed despite much thought, my credit card on how the money was stolen 80 thousand yuan


investigation by the police after the reminder, Mr. Wang remembered that he had been online trading in a Youbi trading site is the online trading brought him the stolen. The site was installed a Trojan virus program, as long as someone can get access to the password, address and other personal information.


Trojan program who is installed? Who stole Mr. Wang on a credit card money? This is from another case about: Li Jinxiang is a teacher Zhang Chong started hiring a computer training class, he is good at computer, he installed a Trojan program on the website, and the his stolen personal information are all placed in the electronic mailbox, and later because of stealing the Minsheng Bank’s cash, he was arrested in front of the county public security bureau. Li Jinxiang was arrested, Zhang Chong remember his mailbox password ABC141456, try to enter, but really. There are a lot of people in the name of Li Jinxiang, mailbox address, account number, password and other information, in the eyes of Zhang Chong, such information as the Alibaba "open sesame" key, he found Yang Heyu, Jiang Xinglin, three people cooperation, to go to war.

three gang division, the Lord in the transfer of continuous crime

New District procuratorate provided archival materials clearly show the gang crime process (pictured above). They choose the crime of bank cards are Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, because only the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank card, the main card transfer without signing. The confession of Zhang Chong three people, they were in January 28th this year, January 29th in Shandong, Ji’nan fraud 60 thousand yuan, the three "continuous operation" in Tianjin 80 thousand yuan in February 20th, the implementation of fraud, bank card fraud cheat cash 80 thousand yuan in Henan Zhengzhou, a total of more than 22 yuan of cash fraud. It is interesting that they are superstitious, every time no matter how much balance on the card, always steal 60 thousand yuan or $80 thousand lucky number.

Zhang Chong and Yang Heyu were sentenced, but their partner Jiang Xinglin at large, he at the beginning of cooperation, "

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