What are the essential attitude here

higher do have a certain attitude, if the wrong attitude will often take many detours, and even give up finally helpless. Sesame that not only do Wangzhuan, do anything to determine good attitude to continue, otherwise easy problems.

your mind should be calm and avoid impetuous

Some friends do Wangzhuan in

, do not know how to use the mouse and typing, do not know what is what is Microsoft, Taobao, what is the time of 58task, has been in the beginning to think that he is for the number of days to become Ma Huateng, Ma become, become the next miracle. In fact, many people believe that Ma Yun’s success is very fast, just a few years, and even a lot of people are also considering how to start a business, how to make money, Ma Yun, in the time you think of success. But you have not considered, such as his instant success behind the float upon the clouds, and accumulated much power? Spring is in the same strong pressure and strength, can play up! Anything anything, is to process, to strength, to gradually develop slowly, and not a moment you can make money.

To know how to understand

Wangzhuan repeated practice

a lot of friends in the operation of 58task to make money, once asked a question. I can operate a day, all the projects are operating again, why can only earn so little money? In addition to this issue reflects the above flighty and impetuous outside, also reflects a problem, so just do not know how to repeat the truth. A lot of webmaster why insist on down? The reason is various, in fact, most of the final analysis or tired, tired, impetuous. They do not want to repeat every day is to write the original, post, write original post. They believe that such repetition is meaningless, and they fail. Wangzhuan each over again, each time the boring, is his meaning, if even this boring, this suffering unbearable, and how to make money? Don’t worry, slowly, there is always a successful day, want to believe oneself do it really can make money, only in this way, it can really

make money!

Wangzhuan single-minded, don’t fence, when

I do the project in time, you will find a lot of friends have this problem, is held, with the wind. What other people say to make money, he will do nothing, ultimately failed to end. Now that you have chosen the project, you should stick to it, at least for a month and then consider it. Don’t try to be patient every day, you end up losing. Many Wangzhuan friends will find themselves wandering for a week, and returned to the starting point, it is for this reason. 03 years, there were a lot of people have the opportunity to choose SP to make money, but most of them for a variety of reasons, chose to give up. And 08 years, these people are thick face back, and this time, SP has not made money, you go to the operation of others to play things, it is boring.

don’t doubt >

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