SEO Entrepreneurship a couple of things you have to know

recently on the use of SEO in business really many, Chongqing Wu Li believes in read some articles, some entrepreneurs also prepared not perfect, you know, a priori not ready to start the implementation of the project is very easy in the late bottleneck and gradual decline, entrepreneurship is the same with SEO in the motivation, after the birth, there must be a complete executable program, to be able to go further more, then the SEO business, you really ready? Today Wu Li blog with their own experiences about several SEO entrepreneurship taboo, I hope to help the majority of entrepreneurs.

one, over reliance on SEO:SEO entrepreneurship is not to talk about the use of SEO can only expand the business. In fact, pay attention to customers in the business negotiation process is not SEO a key point, many customers will also pay attention to the website’s appearance, practicability, speed, stability and so on, these details often will let users at the end to decide whether or not to consider doing the SEO plays a key role in business negotiations, if there is no good the service system, it is often difficult to get to the user’s heart.

is the key to avoid excessive dependence on SEO, Wu Limu witnessed many of Chongqing’s Internet business friends simply rely on a service business, to the final business volume is difficult to expand and gradually failure, such as SEO business, website, how will the art, auction even link up the Taobao business, made a SEO as the main body of the service chain, for their own strong enterprises, improve enterprise level are key to suppress resistance.

two, after a lot of small and medium-sized customers self indulgence SEO company reached a certain level in the number of customers, due to an increase in business volume and the lush, gradually the old customers will lose patience and lead customers to the maintenance of the negative, many early entrepreneurial friends believe that customers should pay maintenance, such as an enterprise site out of one or two words, that is not serious, their busy work, individual website one or two days open also Never mind, one or two telephone customers kept urging, tomorrow is no big deal.

is actually not so, Wu Li blog believes that the object of our initial offer SEO services, customers can not come, is the so-called big platform, more believe that small and medium enterprises, and even many small micro enterprises, this enterprise is in the pursuit of quick and stable, in addition, they often have a an industry of their own circle, just like our SEO circle as they circle like any wind sways grass often can form a rapid chain reaction, if you, for a small customer is not considerate service, it is likely the loss of the user of the client’s industry rapid trust, and vice versa, if you are on a customer service, SEO website ranking stable, fine, you may be in the rapid establishment of the industry chain customers.

three, members of the lack of coordination: for example, a member who is good at a single member and a member of the SEO, when the ranking fell even K station >

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