Chongqing Witkey village the sale of Taobao offbeat ideas

Li Xiuzhong

with the rapid development of e-commerce, online shopping has become a lot of people’s entrepreneurial choice, Taobao village in many parts of the country rise.

but also a new choice to sell ideas and service "Witkey" mode is a young entrepreneurs.

in northern Chongqing District Qingfeng Road No. 30 also appeared in the first Witkey village home".

Since the end of June last year

from the start, here has registered more than and 300 enterprises, annual trading volume of 150 million yuan. Unlike the Taobao business, Witkey sell is not real, but also is the idea of creative services. This is not a real village, but a virtual Park – Chongqing cultural and creative virtual industrial park". Entrepreneurial companies registered here, people are scattered throughout the country.

Witkey, the word comes from Witkey, from wit (wisdom) and key (key), referring to the Internet to honor the wisdom and talents.

to create this "Witkey village" Vice President Liu Chuanyu told the "First Financial Daily reporters, or two start-ups will be more than two million. Compared to the electricity supplier Taobao, Witkey does not need too high cost, and more sense of achievement, many of which are a personal development into a studio, to the development of a company.

Chongqing city hopes to replicate the pattern of Hangzhou: because Taobao, Hangzhou has become the largest online Chinese goods e-commerce trading center, Chongqing hopes to rely on the largest Witkey platform — pig network as well as the first domestic cultural and creative virtual park has become China’s online e-commerce service trading center.

is selling creative

Oracle and

pictures network Chen Tian are crown service providers. Oracle pictures is mainly the design of enterprise LOGO, glorious network is the enterprise construction site.

June 26, 2014, the virtual industrial park officially started, Chen Tian will Oracle pictures registration in this park.

, our customers are mostly small and micro enterprises, and even just started business. They need their own brand logo, but please professional companies to do the cost is too high." Therefore, through the Witkey platform to do, you can greatly reduce the cost, Chen Tian told reporters that "the design of an enterprise LOGO, price 1500~10000 yuan, mostly in the 1500~5000 yuan."

like this kind of knowledge, wisdom, experience, skills into actual income through the Internet, so as to achieve the new Internet mode each one takes what he needs is called Witkey mode. Creative design, website construction, marketing, planning and design of the industrial architecture, life services and other modern service has become the main direction of Witkey business.

them or be a person, a studio, a company in Witkey online trading platform selling wisdom and creativity, the production of non – standard, value >

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