The traditional enterprise electric way why always can’t do anything

with the Internet era, small and medium enterprises also have marketing from traditional marketing to Internet marketing. However, ready to enter the network marketing of small and medium enterprises always have this or that misunderstanding, making enterprises not only can not grow up, but also waste a lot of manpower and material resources, can be described as a loss of the wife and soldiers. So, what is the reason for the enterprise in the road network marketing business so can’t do anything? Here, Ye Jianhui to their own experience and share.

build a website is to do electricity supplier?

some people think that in the era of the Internet, there is an electronic commerce website is the electricity supplier, in fact, the website is only a third of an acre of business on the internet. Even if the site has done more beautiful, if you can’t bring the customer, can attract customer transactions, this is just the tool, flashy without substance look impressive but lack real worth.

enterprise web site is one of the essential infrastructure for success, for most companies, the site is just a display tool. But if you want to succeed, need more practice strength, let website marketing, website credibility, solve the conversion rate and the rate of return.

electricity supplier is to sell things online?

there will be a number of people will understand e-commerce as an online shop to sell things, so that these people have to pull the flow and pull traffic awareness. However, no significant transformation of the flow? Most companies in marketing is still in a relatively extensive management state, only pay attention to marketing investment can produce how much traffic, telephone consultation and order, for this process is very little attention.

For this

, Ye Jianhui believes that if the enterprises want to stand firmly and steadily in the Internet, we need a rigorous and efficient marketing system, this system includes the payment platform to promote our company’s products, but the payment platform is able to bring high quality customers and contribute to brand promotion, whether it has put the value of every day, how much, short-term and long-term and can bring many benefits and so on.

electricity supplier is the core technology

before doing any action on the network, companies need to do is to understand who the target customer is, what kind of products they need to accept the key elements of this product is what. Thus, the core nature of the electricity supplier is marketing, and technology is only a means to achieve marketing assistance, can not play a decisive role.

so we can be more accurate and effective promotion in the user browsing the web, to better stimulate their needs, so as to guide the user to enter the corporate website, and then generate advice and promote transactions. So, enterprises not only improve the sales volume, but also get more room for development.

finally, Ye Jianhui believes that the development of thinking but not can’t do anything. The above is only a personal view of the traditional enterprises stationed in the electricity supplier, if there is something wrong, but also look at the place. In this paper, the rewinder http://s.www.j>

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