Business talk handle can borrow Beijing again

in early August 2010, the author and his colleagues made special reports a "road" to study the group purchase group purchase industry, and interviewed at the time of the F group, the 58 group purchase pioneer group, the United States mission, had the honor to become the group purchase industry from the start to the development of the witness. Look back only to find that, even with the group purchase 2 years to finish other industry for 5 years, even 10 years from the time, rushed to the rise of the hundred regiments, fast expansion, and then to today’s thousand group withered and the industry trough, with only 2 years of time.

in the history of the development of the industry is not long, destined to have some of the existing or has disappeared name is worth bearing in mind. The first thing I think of is the handle network. Buy on the handle, so set." Although some people from Chinese familiar can star Ge You to handle network, but as the industry, the industry website TOP10 group purchase has always been the focus of the industry, which is the handle.

handle network development process can be regarded as a microcosm of the entire Chinese buy industry. On the one hand, the ultra conventional, ultra high speed of development represents the development speed of Chinese group purchase industry, "if suddenly spring night, the trees of pear blossoms", as if overnight, China there were numerous group purchase website, handle network also experienced in the development of financing, expand and seek listing, climbing to Chinese group purchase site ranked first, the amount of financing ranked first, listed first ranking in IPO process. On the other hand, China has been troubled by the quality of the industry to buy the crisis and the crisis has expired refund, and handle the network has also experienced a reversal of the twists and turns of IPO.

fortunately, after 2 years of the "roller coaster" development, group purchase industry has eliminated a large number of imitation, imitation and do not have the competitiveness of the group purchase website, the entire industry is gradually entering the health status. To handle network, also in the judgment of foreign capital environment under the condition of the decision to give up IPO, and switched to "internal strength". This work should include: fine operation, enhance hematopoietic function to maintain profitability, innovation, and Jingdong and other forms of group purchase business platform for cooperation and so on.

there is no doubt that the handle network and Jingdong cooperation is lethal. Make a vivid metaphor, it is like a tiger, a leopard in the electronic commerce forest. Jingdong is a tiger, the king of beasts, it meets the opponent in the field of electronic mall Abraham, Suning, Tmall and pressing; handle network is a leopard, fast growth, strong momentum, position and influence in the field of TOP10 stabilitythe group purchase.

Jingdong will continue to become bigger and stronger, the only "wide alliance", the Jingdong of the group purchase channel access number comprises a handle network, Chinese TOP10 group purchase website; handle network needs innovation, but also need the help of external resources, now is the largest Jingdong handles network partners, to complete the docking platform.

for "butch fit" effect now is not a good judge, but the strength and speed of the combination of natural, powerful. But I hold optimistic attitude towards the handle network. First, although there are now >

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