Mr Zhou Haiying more than one Lu Xun in china

saw a piece of news today, CPPCC member proposal: perfect celebrity name registration Chinese domain name

says Mr. Zhou Haiying’s proposal calls for the protection of Chinese domain names for celebrities.

1 what is a celebrity? What is not a celebrity? Domain name registration agencies simply can not grasp.

2 everyone has his or her own name. Ordinary people to register the domain name with famous names can not be deprived of the power, China more than one person named Lu Xun, not because of a literary master Lu Xun, depriving the other "Lu Xun" her name and domain name registration authority.

3 only to protect the name of the domestic domain name, the domain name can not be protected, it is useless!

is well known, domain name registration is a principle of " first apply for registration of " as long as there is no registered domain name, anyone can apply for registration.

even Chinese English domain ( can be registered by others, and what can not be registered by the


of course, the relevant agencies in order to prevent malicious cybersquatting, also set up a set of arbitration procedures.

so, what you’re going to do right now is not a proposal to keep someone from registering a domain name.

but to bring the relevant agencies to arbitrate the domain name you have objections, or even to court.

specifically checked the name of Mr. Zhou Haiying domain name: was registered with the same person in March 9, 2007 was registered in March 3, 2008 (news release on the same day) is currently not registered

Zhou Haiying.Cn is currently not registered

Mr. Zhou Haiying: please register the domain name that has not been registered to protect it.

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