October mummy to break the traditional brands net spell

with some small and medium-sized clothing brand open shop to gain a complete victory of some influential brands, "Hold live", have opened up the electricity supplier in the new territories. Interestingly, the usual "ground game" clothing brand, to the line, not the mediocre record, is the line of the clash, shift, and the first brand in the on-line pregnant October mummy within one year of business will reach monthly sales exceeded ten million, in April this year at the beginning of Sequoia Capital Investment October Mummy when the electricity supplier valuation has not included, now feel like picking up a wallet.

traditional enterprise OCS

"fish" and "bear" can’t have


reporter in an interview that, in recent years, there have been a number of traditional clothing brands to test the water electricity supplier business, but the electricity supplier and the origin of the Amoy brand is concerned, sometimes hit the rocket gun millet plus rifles.

is on the side of the huge offline resources, while it is dismal online sales and see the end of the capital investment, in recent years, some of the "net" of traditional enterprises have suffered in Waterloo, the e-commerce is fragrant "hoe" defeated.

industry insiders said that some of the money invested in traditional enterprises with a great reputation in the business, but the harvest, and online status can not match, one of the reasons for this was the cause of their "delisting". There are some struggling with the traditional enterprises, although the online success, with the loss of huge profits is offline exchange, it can be described as "losing money earned crying". Some of the traditional enterprise network marketing once up, will directly affect the store’s sales agents, to complain incessantly. The traditional industry into the business, how to improve the survival rate of it is a dilemma you can’t have.

is also the traditional clothing enterprises, October mummy the opposite situation, the first month of business is only 28 thousand yuan in sales, after a month was 100% growth, to September this year to force 5 million months of sales, the monthly sales of more than ten million online October mummy, let the industry speechless in the growth of network speed.

break the bottleneck

over the line under the uneven embarrassment

compared with the professional business, like many traditional enterprise business October mummy as not to burn, the brand shop October mummy most of the flow or from the ground.

in early 2007, October mummy have begun to focus on the subway ads, so when the business in the rush, October mummy already famous in the subway. This makes the business at the end of the year when the winter came, many electricity providers have been evacuated from the subway ads, but still in the October mummy, unremittingly and moderate brand in the October mummy has become one of the brand in last few years the fastest growing enterprises. It also makes the electricity supplier business is entirely profitable. In October statistics, sales growth than the same period of October mummy 90%>

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