U S fresh electricity supplier Farmigo China can have it


Farmigo is the 2011 TechCrunch conference held in the United States Disrupt entrepreneurs to enter the final round of the project. Farmigo name is particularly good, by farm, I and go three words, meaning that the site is connected to the farm and the user’s platform, of course, can also be understood as the condensation of farm and amigo. Many domestic media have been reported on it, Farmigo has been hailed as a lot of media innovative online agricultural products sales platform". Where is the innovation of the following one for everyone to announce.

basic operation mode

e-commerce has a "heavy" and "light" mode. The so-called "heavy" mode, the most typical is the Jingdong, building their own warehousing and logistics, even self purchasing goods; "light" mode is the Taobao model, the core of the website is to build a connection, and the seller party logistics platform, and around each providing network services to improve the transaction. Judging from the model, Farmigo is a typical "light" mode, Farmigo is the intermediary to connect consumers and farms. For farmers, Farmigo is an online platform, a new sales channels, farmers can manage their own agricultural production, sales and distribution. For consumers, Farmigo is an online marketplace, through which consumers can directly buy high-quality fresh agricultural products from farmers.

since Farmigo is the same pattern as Taobao (eBay), then its difference and competitiveness in the end where is it?

social electricity supplier

if the Taobao compared to the department store, then Farmigo is even high-end atmosphere of high-end food clubs. Taobao.com is a seller and commodity as the center of the network platform, merchandise discount means all sorts of strange things, a superb collection of beautiful things, but are the traditional sale of simple commodity centred thinking. Ma Yun has been going to social electricity supplier route, did not escape this rule. Farmigo distinctive place is out of the commodity thinking, but the core of the people of the true social electricity supplier thinking. This thinking can be summed up as "private custom". Farmigo creatively created the concept of a "food community", which will be connected to the geographical proximity of consumers to "food community" as a unit and the local small and medium farms connected. As shown in the picture below, each red marker is a food community.



sponsors the site to apply for the establishment of a food community, the sponsor is also a leader in the establishment of the food community". Farmigo will create a special shopping website for each community, and then the leader can add the farm products to the community. Leaders need to invite at least 20 friends or neighbors to join the food community

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