Music as announced the push to push the food industry electricity supplier


technology news August 24th afternoon, LETV held a press conference today officially announced to the outside world into agriculture, the establishment of Internet music as ecological agriculture (Beijing) Co. Ltd., and announced the overall layout of LETV agriculture, its food business platform "music of life ( has been on-line test in August 18th.

It is reported that

, as the holding’s liquor vertical business platform network network CEO Li Rui will serve as music as the Internet Ecological Agriculture chairman, Jiang Zhengwen served as vice president of Internet music as ecological agriculture. Today, LETV agriculture also signed a cooperation agreement with Gaoyou city and Gaoyou Lake crabs Industry Association, the future of the two sides will expand the depth of cooperation in the field of agriculture.

Li Rui said LETV agriculture will follow the vertical integration operation, the future will be the integration of agricultural production and processing, Sheng Xiannong products business platform and cold chain logistics system, agriculture brand operations, agricultural financial investment as a whole industry chain.

music as why do agriculture?

why choose agriculture as the next point of force in this regard, Jiang Zhengwen said: music has been the transformation of traditional industries through the Internet model. As an important part of the new industry, modern agriculture is closely related to human health and quality of life, and it is also an important strategic direction of the country in the next ten years.

"safe, high quality food is the most basic demand, market conduction way to use the Internet to change the traditional agriculture backward production methods, lagging, processing means in disorder, confusion of origin identification, but also music as a choice of the times and conform to the market." Jiang Zhengwen said.

music as the first category is the selection of fresh products – crabs. Different from the current Internet to flaunt the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, LETV agriculture launched the "heroes do not ask the source" concept, the main push of the six areas of the lake crab, "the only authentic Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs to break the concept of consumption.

Vice President

Jiang Zhengwen said LETV Internet Ecological Agriculture, Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs annual output is 2300 tons. Only Jingdong (30.96, 0.14, 0.45%) mall in August before the sale of a merchant has reached this figure. How much is the real Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs?

, "fake crab bath, is already an open secret in the industry." Jiang Zhengwen said, when various sites are selling authentic Yangcheng Lake when it is contrary to the spirit of the internet. Want to change this pattern of lakes crabs.

push music as food electronic business platform

the same day, music also announced its food business platform formally launched online music life. The user can through the music as the five screen linkage (PC, Phone, TV, Pad, Film) the origin can be traced back to experience, purchase and other interactive services.

Li Rui said, music life ( will serve as the basis of the platform to undertake industrial chain formats, is expected this year

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