The power of B2C’s comment creating eye goods

eyeball commodity refers to attract the eye through its own uniqueness, and through a lot of attention to the aggregation of the attractiveness of the sale of Red Bull sales. For B2C, the "eye" can increase the sales of goods in addition to additional, also can make the long tail; for small B2C more interesting, through the "eyeball" goods to attract more traffic and form a word-of-mouth promotion website.

"eyeball" goods have a few points of attention: 1 usually too standard commodity, can not form "eyeball", such as digital; once the eye of the trend of the 2, to continue to promote. Give two examples:

AMAZON’s "three wolf howl month": a common printed triwolves and a T-shirt in the moon, the first funny comments, attracting countless nonsensical comments. Up to now a total of 1118 comments (of which 887 praise), and become AMAZON clothing sales TOP, AMAZON, given the focus on the recommendation of the formation of a virtuous circle, countless people to see, to buy, to comment on the. These are derived from the first BT comment: Ie=UTF8& s=apparel& qid=1245522282& sr=8-1

Jingdong ant mania: a very simple ant ecology container, which lasted more than a year of "more than 220 Advisory comments, customers and customer service in the battle of wits comedy quiz. This can be seen inside the Jingdong intended to attract customers to put forward the tricky question of "challenge" customer service through the use Baidu Search funny reply, "the product of Jingdong", in the hundreds of thousands of Web Forum blog have formed topic.

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