Amazon settled directly in the Amazon Tmall embarrassing Chinese stand

[Abstract] Amazon China data in recent years is not satisfactory to the headquarters, according to the relevant data show that in recent years the Amazon Chinese only ranked fifth in the domestic B2C market share in the transaction, and the market share in a state of decline.


Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on March 6th

good in china., which is the first president of Tencent technology in the Amazon China Doug met with the Chinese media for the first time after the blessing of the. In English, lucky dog (with Doug sound) is the meaning of lucky, but this has helped Amazon to open up the market in the former WAL-MART executives are not so lucky.

yesterday evening, there is news that Amazon has settled Tmall flagship store, then Tencent technology on, according to web information, the flagship store has launched operations for a period of time, is in the Amazon China Tmall opened flagship store, all goods are Amazon (note, here is not the Amazon Chinese) sales ws-331m from the Amazon China own logistics system (third party logistics companies including cooperation and distribution), enjoy China Amazon provides all the customer service service and guarantee service co.. The main category now officially stationed in Tmall for food, shoes, toys and baby kitchenware.

obviously in the Amazon headquarters, Amazon China, Tmall, between the three, Amazon China is only playing a role in the sale of services, while Tmall is responsible for Amazon’s shipping channels.

after Doug took office, said: I am very excited to have the opportunity to join the Amazon China team. We have built a good foundation in China, and the next stage of development in china. I am very honored to participate, and draw up the Amazon in the future Chinese."

but on Amazon Amazon seems to have Chinese team lost patience, perhaps Amazon needs more "draw in the future Chinese".

slow Amazon

ten years ago, the electricity supplier industry super giant Amazon low-key to enter the country, but the heavy footsteps, the slow pace of China was China counterparts for the Amazon bite crazy.

in August 2004, Amazon spent $75 million from Lei Jun (micro-blog) and old (micro-blog) hand wheel Chinese officially entered the market. In its ten year celebration, Amazon’s senior vice president of global Piyaqindini Diego said, China has a double meaning of the Amazon, not only to do their thinking to introduce Internet e-commerce abroad. We must continue to push China’s creative world.

objectively speaking, these ten years Amazon China record good. But in the premise of Alibaba, Jingdong and other local electricity supplier platform strong rise, Amazon China looks somewhat tepid, even, and so on upstart

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