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The development of

depends on the Internet, in today’s business world, small enterprises and large companies can compete, compete. E-commerce is the case, in many cases, small businesses will occupy a great advantage. One obvious trend is that in recent years the number of small and medium-sized network retailers have increased significantly, 2005 to 2007, the number of the North American market of small and medium-sized online retailers rose from 21% to 32%. so that when the China foreign trade export enterprise in the development of electronic commerce, fully confident, to believe that there are many overseas markets the space to be developed.

so, what are the advantages of small enterprises in the performance of what? Let us give a brief five:

you can do in the site appearance, technology and service processes and so on at least as large as the company

now with the popularity of e-commerce technology and progress, the establishment of an English version of the e-commerce site is not only cheap, and advanced technology. A lot of small e-commerce sites in the interface, technical expertise and user experience is no less than a large website such as amazon. With the rapid development of e-commerce business, a lot of site service companies came into being, specifically for customers to build e-commerce sites, and some costs as low as $100.

as a result, when users enter into an e-commerce site, he has been very difficult from the professional level interface to visually determine that the company is behind one or two person team, a team of ten people, thousands of people or a large company. So, for those who are interested in foreign trade e-commerce business, the site is not a problem, first in the interface design, supporting technology to meet international standards.

you can do a better job in terms of target customer base than large companies

and excess as soon as possible in order to achieve the sales target, large online retailers need to consider first is for the mass market, in many cases, they don’t even care about the specific niche market, because they think this particular market is too small, not worth attention. Therefore, when they put into advertising and search engines selected keywords, the first consideration is to attract as much as possible a user pool. For them, the net is spread as much as possible. As a small business, you do not need to do so, you can narrow the scope, according to their own product characteristics, select your customer base, and then to consider key words and public relations or advertising platform. More accurate results of the customer base, they tend to buy a smaller amount, but more willing to buy expensive goods, they will be more loyal, more likely to repeat the purchase.

in personalized service, you can do more flexible than large enterprises

the following assertions can almost become a truth: the larger the size of the company, the more difficult to provide personalized and one on one service. The small business is different, fully qualified to provide personal service to customers, and become their

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