High end dining transition experiment the nternet becomes life saving straw

the past two years, online meal ordering and CEO Zhang Yang Yi Amoy food eaten the traditional meal prices — too many to count cold-shoulder treatment using convince they developed delivery system, it is not an easy thing.

but the last six months, with the catering industry is facing the plight of reduced passenger flow, Zhang Yang and easy Amoy food situation reversed.

according to statistics, the first half of this year, the catering income 11795 yuan, down 4.5 percentage points over the same period last year; according to a survey of key enterprises of the association, the second quarter of the whole industry losses of 20%, 60% corporate profits fell sharply, high-end catering business into a "disaster area", some corporate profits fell even more than 300%.

A group of

listed food prices data illustrious in the head: xiangeqing (002306) closed 8 directly operated stores, an estimated loss of 160 million to 240 million yuan; Quanjude revenue of 850 million yuan, down 6.52%, total profit of 85 million yuan, down 32.14%. Xiaonanguo, the China interim earnings warning issued by the said its net profit will decline significantly. Last year has been listed in the reserve and in the selection of this year, Jingya Shunfeng withdrawn IPO application.

is in urgent need of self-help high-end catering began postures, active wayfinding door, use the O2O as a new and old customers to attract increased passenger flow, repeated consumption.

in the field experiment, the original hidden behind the scenes to provide logistics support system and easy Amoy food to many high-end talent shows itself, as food prices preaching O2O experience in guest anti economic cycle. After the arrival of the harvest seems to be dormant. Xiangeqing, South Beauty, the walk, Jingya restaurant brands, have to borrow their power into the internet.

all this may just be the beginning of cross-border reform curtain.

beauty net: traditional industry must constantly trial and error

is trying to leveraging the Internet in the high-end catering enterprises, a number of beauty is earlier, but is still in the test. "The dinner of the Internet, and fast food is completely the same, the easy Amoy food hosted by a gathering of nearly twenty high-end catering enterprises of the tea party, senior sales director Zhao Xigang bluntly pointed out that South beauty.

customers may not like into the fast-food chain, often from dinner shop rooms. Southbeauty internal data show that even the old customers, second times the average time to store up to 47 days. How to make the store information dissemination, so that more customers are willing to enter the store, a high-end food and beverage companies need to solve the problem.

however, in the winter of the food and beverage industry, the traditional marketing methods difficult to work again. In the vicinity of the common shop coupons, for example, the final customer volume is only 6/1000 of the amount of the store. The urgent needs of marketing, at the beginning of last year, South Beauty at the company level official net.

it is easy to imagine, as the official micro-blog door > South Beauty

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