CNNC said the next CN domain name is still only 1 yuan

China domain name registration authority China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) yesterday announced that it will continue to promote the national domain name takeoff plan, that is, the newly registered.CN in 2008 will continue to maintain the price of 1 yuan.

CNNIC said the move was a response to the application requirements of applications the majority of Internet users increasingly enthusiasm and strong, lowers the threshold of the application of ordinary Internet users, to further promote and consolidate the national domain name ".CN" to promote the popularization and application of the Internet in our country healthy and sustainable development.

it is understood that since last year, CNNIC launched the national domain name takeoff and CN domain 1 yuan experience activities since the launch, CN domain name has made rapid development. A CN domain name registrations surged from 1 million 800 thousand to 8 million 450 thousand, ranking second in the world, become the second German national domain name second national domain name, the domain name system plays an important pole in the world.


domain name on the Internet is the "number", each specific network services, such as registration, online store personal blog, corresponds to a specific domain name. CNNIC said that China is the world’s second largest number of Internet users, the demand for address resources in the short term will be a blowout, the price of civilians will create favorable conditions for Internet users to enjoy CN domain name. With the continuation of the 1 yuan CN domain experience activities, the country will continue to expand the scope of the domain name, the application is more in-depth, the foundation of China’s Internet applications will be more secure.

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