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decided the fate of the maternal electricity supplier, milk or


want to buy high-end milk diapers, to ultra low cost high discount, it is like the Chinese way.

said that China consumers the most straightforward, the most expensive brands of the latest styles of total pay someone; some people say China consumers is very difficult to get 50 percent off, never compromise in 45% off, cheap 1 yuan will accept 5 of the price of wool. These two types of consumers, it is likely to be the same group of people, which is the initial stage of consumption to upgrade people’s consumption habits embarrassment. The mother and child electricity supplier, the face of Chinese consumers in the price, the highest quality sensitivity of the crowd – mom. How to please this part of the consumer at the same time to gain profit, largely determines the fate of the mother and child electricity supplier.

as a romancing star’s maternal electricity supplier now, is a group of young little meat grown into mom’s qualifying game master Liao, who can win the favor of hundreds of millions of mothers, who can have the last laugh.

Kao into Wanghong, is the consumer price war victory or hard holding

said the electricity supplier mother, Kao and the price war is not open around the old topic. It is precisely this topic, let a person see the upgrading of consumption is only a false prosperity after burn. In 2015, honey bud initiated a price war, the high end of the original imported baby products such as Kao diapers subsidies depress prices by high priced sales, the original one hundred or two hundred yuan Kao price is low to sixty or seventy yuan, then follow up other business platform. This practice has accumulated a large number of users and the brand influence for maternal electricity providers within a short time, and also became the mother of the Kao diapers in the red net.


Kao imports of baby products, the industry was divided into internal crown on the consumer to upgrade the hat, that is because of the upgrading of consumption makes imported maternal highly sought after in china. Indeed, the rise in income and the popularity of the Internet electricity supplier so that people have a higher demand for consumer quality, but the price is still one of the important factors to determine the user to buy. Cheaper than domestic brands of diapers Kao, even if there is no consumption upgrade, as parents are willing to pay for it. Similarly, when the honey buds are talking about their users to a second tier cities in the majority, but forget that this is a huge sum of money out of the previous pile up. Because of the price war will want to accumulate users into user stickiness, and from those users who profit is clearly difficult. This is the honey bud under the high reputation, the number of active users is only one of the reasons why babe network 1/5.

it can decide the fate of the maternal electricity supplier, not milk nor diapers. To know the consumers make the vertical maternal electricity supplier price war, small meat began to attract attention to the goddess, but the profit of this subject, still long way.

industry pattern previews, Liao mother key

hematopoietic skills

today, the distance was the most intense price war has been in the past more than a year, the mother and the pattern of the electricity supplier industry has also been initially apparent: babe network in the number of users, the user viscosity >

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