Shipped to which to enable the use of three domain name website financing 10 million

renamed Chinese ( June 12th – the day before, the international logistics service business platform "to which" has been announced by the source of capital investment led tens of millions of dollars A round of financing. Shipped to where the official website three spell domain concern.


figure: shipped to

B2B business platform

flagship international logistics service "to which", is on the line, in February of this year, booking shipping space and logistics tracking through online quotes, online, to complete the sweater export enterprises and freight forwarding companies online transactions.

According to the

eName domain whois information query, "where" the official domain name is the platform registered in October last year, but also to protect the CN domain name, other suffixes have been the mainstream note empty, but the domain name is displayed in a logistics company.

According to

, which shipped this round of financing is mainly used to transport the goods to track the intelligent system upgrade, user expansion and customer service optimization.

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