The first half of the electricity supplier inventory to see what new ways

some time ago just the end of the European Cup to fans all over the world to bring a gluttonous feast. If the U.S. electricity market competition to a highest level of football, then in the fierce race has ended the first half today, let us take stock of how American business performance in the first half, the second half left China team and

in where?


comparison of the U.S. and Chinese electricity supplier market, in fact, the U.S. electricity supplier market volume is not so large as China, there is more room for development. According to US Census Bureau 2015 annual report and iResearch data, in 2015 the U.S. electricity supplier retail sales of $341 billion 800 million, while China’s electricity supplier market transactions over the same period has reached $568 billion 600 million. At the same time, the United States and the intensity of electric industry concentration is much lower than that of China: eBay and Amazon America together occupy American electricity market more than 30% market share, nearly 70% of the rest scattered in the traditional retail giant and small electricity supplier. The China situation is that both Tmall and Jingdong B2C in the market occupy more than 80% share; while in the C2C market, Taobao (C2C) GMV in 2015 reached 18090 billion yuan, accounted for 98.9% of the size of the market China C2C


U.S. business intelligence service provider RJMETRICS data can further illustrate the U.S. electricity supplier for small players friendly. According to Alexa website ranking, the top ten thousand large electricity providers (such as Amazon, WAL-MART, eBay, etc.) accounted for 1% of the number of all electricity suppliers, accounted for 34% of revenue, and small and medium business (i.e., ranked 10 thousand to 500 thousand) accounted for 51% of the number of all the electricity supplier, but the income accounted for 63%. This shows that American consumers are more open, not superstitious the largest electricity supplier brands, are willing to order from the small and medium sized business, it also means that the entrepreneurial companies to enter the U.S. electricity market is not directly facing the giant squeeze, but can find early adopters willing consumers the opportunity to.



all of the above, we may safely draw a conclusion that Chinese market share of the electricity supplier is highly concentrated, the entry threshold is very high, very much is not suitable for the entrepreneurial team and the United States to enter; electricity market is large and scattered, there is still a chance for the entrepreneurial team. So, where are the specific opportunities? We can look at the structure and features of the American market.

The United States

electricity supplier status: 100

All flowers bloom together., creative

look at the two chiefs: Amazon through self storage and logistics in the electricity market to establish an unshakable position, and gradually shift to cloud computing, digital publishing, intelligent hardware, and Ali group, the same layout is very wide; and stripping the Paypal eBay is now in transition. "

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