Ma Jiajia spray zhichuo fun supplies electricity supplier three points

has been threatened in the state power grid retail annual meeting will scourge those slow-witted uncle 90 entrepreneurs Ma Jiajia this saying. She is the target of the adult business hall, CEO Lin degang.

it is understood that the angel investor Xu Xiaoping day speech before mentioned in the horse Allison, and the marketing plan to give good point". But Lin Degang seem to hold reservations.

this, Ma Jiajia responded that the power of the Internet, people can do is to let the previous ten years to finish the work within a year, then in the next year, dry before the next ten years. "I and Lin teacher at different times in the bonus, the essence of business logic and pattern also be quite different, are not comparable."

actually, on a variety of Ma Jiajia and entrepreneurial companies and whether the bubble held from 2013 to 2014 has never stopped killing.

face questioned, Ma Jiajia admitted that in the global era to achieve good communication performance or not, not because the person stand out for endorsement of the product to speak, but the national mental direction values based on the outbreak, made numerous mass media content and several times to intensive and meticulous farming, accurate steady detonation senior circle the depth of the content.


has been away from the fun supplies industry, and create a new female community product "high", but Ma Jiajia still did not forget a slot on the status of the industry.

she said, interest in the industry is trapped in the texture of the industry, can not support the rapid growth, lightweight entrepreneurship, shopping guide, evaluation, etc.. On the other hand, the consumer market is not mature, public opinion dividends and consumer market maturity is not proportional. Furthermore, there is a big gap between the industry and the consumer market, the texture of the product is not necessarily good for national needs, not necessarily in line with the psychological price.

Ma Jiajia proposed Adult supplies electricity supplier practitioners, the need to start from two aspects: one is to simultaneously solve the "mind + physiological"; two is to extend the industrial ends, or cut or cut in the medical market, gift market.

The following is

Ma Jia wrote the article:

"I understand Xu Xiaoping’s" from 0 to 1 "

Xu Xiaoping made a speech teacher a few days ago, is probably highly Ma Jiajia 1 stage marketing capabilities, and promote entrepreneurs have this ability, chunshuitang Lin always refused, about such a thing, the process will not go into details.

I’m still more interested in "0 to 1". List a few points, talk about their views, and then have the opportunity to talk about.

First of all,

is a kind of monopoly.

(a person who thinks it’s a very innovative idea from 0 to 1).


intercepted a friend David Zhu section of the YC entrepreneurial class notes.


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