Bastard can also register the domain name Chinese nternet domain engineers to explain the new inv

Two times the development of

service institutions of domestic famous CMS a special media (, since 2007 the low-key line, although facing at any time may collapse! But since a special media ( mood "dog hybrid clock" domain name registration (www. after the group’s crisis will be smoothly done or easily solved!

mood: 06 years since the Internet has been focused on the touch, CMS to develop two times, and the website template design, has been honored as the "circle of IQ more than 200 is not bad (", a special media ( and was founded by him. In the dynamic as well as many CMS hobby circle has a high popularity.

according to reports, this time, the mood to register "dog hybrid clock" domain name (www., will focus on topics such as anti ZD, punish Yang Shan, promote righteousness, to win a lot of people agree.

mood register down soon, a netizen in Guangdong is willing to bid 3000 yuan to buy, then rose to 8000 yuan, but he is still reluctant to transfer to his right hand to create a "bastard" the one and only portal platform.

I noticed that the registration from the famous Chinese Internet service provider’s domain, using double intelligent analysis, have come into force, is still pointing to the default blank page, the future will be built this website what remains to be seen.

such a domain name can not build a website?

insiders expressed opposing views, including the famous RS plug-in is clear: do not agree with the network vulgarization, even if the road leading to the Internet is open, but also need to take the sunshine Avenue, the vulgar culture, cannot become the mainstream.

also has some people agree with this view, that the Internet itself is personalized, free development, there is no feature, where the network wonderful?

in recent years, the popular features of domain name once let people drool with envy.

, such as Zhao Benshan’s essay, white clouds fluttering domain name, once became the focus of the media. In addition to this star domain name, there is no other way to invest it?

recently, one from Zhejiang Dongyang, the name "happy boy" solitude Xi diameter, registered the "bastard" (www. domain, and in less than three days, the value rose to 8000 yuan, make an uproar in the industry.

, an anonymous Chinese Internet engineer surnamed Li said: this domain, from a certain perspective, is the depth of deep understanding of the Internet Internet audience is the result of Internet resources is worth carrying forward the use of depth.

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