Under the line to do business electricity supplier profit model analysis

with the development trend of e-commerce boom, many traditional companies have decided to start doing business, the key point to decide whether e-commerce business models can be sustained and stable develop is how to maintain long-term profitability. Therefore, this paper mainly discusses the transmission line to do business profit model analysis.

I will B2B, B2C two aspects to explain the electricity supplier’s profit model.

a, B2B profit model

B2B is the fastest growing electricity supplier model this year, through the online distribution system to build electronic business platform, merchants and users on the platform for communication, trading. And this B2B electricity supplier’s most important Commission commission income, membership fees, advertising fees, fees, etc..

1, foreign trade B2B mall

is the main representative of Alibaba, the current operation has been affirmed by the industry and the initial success. The most important way for the profitability of the two domain name and multi functional shops, multi-functional shops can enhance the brand image, expand sales channels, promote trade.

2, domestic B2B mall

is the main representative of HC, the platform of enterprise information resource service information accumulated earlier HC classification based on, and therefore have a strong line of communication ability.

3, multi function B2B mall

is the main representative of the characteristics of the "buy network, active marketing" and "trading", so it is valued in the mobile phone, instant messaging, Internet and other information communication mode of dealmaking.

two, B2C profit model

B2C electricity supplier is currently the most common form of the Internet, the widest range of business, the most audience. Therefore, the study of B2C’s profit model is the most necessary, B2C electricity providers generally establish a platform through the online mall system, the general profit model is:

1, product sales, platform sales of their own products or services;

2, join the settled: charge settlement fee, join fee;

3, commission Commission, franchisees in the platform sales commission or commission;

4, membership fee: user registration member fee;

5, value-added services: to provide promotion, site, training and other value-added services;

6, advertising: platform advertising sales, display and other costs;

7, others.

also has the most fire to Taobao as the representative of the C2C model, and this way because more individuals, the general profit model is a commission.

The enterprise

line to do the electricity supplier profit model with these, I hope that my colleagues in business, in order to continue their business.

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