Look at the grassroots network will face the domestic trouble and foreign invasion from the electron

these years the development of e-commerce is online shopping users as if fierce tigers, mass rapid, grassroots network’s rise, net goods channel gradually perfect all marked the maturity of e-commerce China. E – commerce not only changes the way of consumption of our consumers, but also changes the original business model, and has produced enough commercial value. At the same time, the domestic e-commerce is also undergoing some subtle changes, and subtle changes can be said to be an inevitable law of the development of the industry. Since it is a change, it will inevitably lead to a series of problems and contradictions, so for the roots to give these so-called change what is


the first change is some heavyweight brand enterprises involved in e-commerce, is to fight, so many grassroots brothers defenseless. The largest consumer network platform taobao.com taobao.com as an example, since the "money" cut open, the so-called big buyers have embarked on a rugged road business. At present, Taobao mall has been incorporated into the large first tier brands, different from the previous model, these brands do not need to do it yourself, some bulk will sell on Taobao through their own channels, allowing them to complete the electronic commerce distribution work. However, along with the electronic commerce online shopping consumer market is getting stronger and stronger, these brands are not to stand idly by, so have actively involved in the e-commerce platform for active sales. Of course, there are commissioned by a professional agency on behalf of the business, but also have their own business; platform both through the construction of ShopEx B2C platform, but also through the choice of third party technology platform, such as Taobao. With the active involvement of such brands, Taobao mall value has become increasingly prominent, until now Taobao mall uniform "brands" electronic commerce "seller" the change in the pattern of.

second change is the marketing cost greatly enhance e-commerce, a key to the process of electronic commerce business or marketing. Now more and more people do e-commerce, competition is bound to lead to a substantial increase in marketing costs. For a very simple example, for most people, whether they are to Taobao, or to have even pat shop, do not need much cost, but because these platforms do e-commerce too many people, the level of competition as can be imagined. If not promotion platform for consumers is almost impossible to find you, but if you have to grab the limited advertising, it is bound to rise, PPC thing is inevitable. This for those large brand enterprises is not what big deal, they have sufficient funds to operate a cash flow operation, and for the platform most of the buyers are unable to resist, had to watch their water less and less, the rugged life is no longer far away.

third is the change of "grassroots network" and "noble" competition more directly, it is possible to let the grassroots network the most headache problem "

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