NetEase koala purchase CEO Zhang Lei cross border electricity supplier model is not bulky

self mode play is the supply chain, this is not a business enterprise’s strengths, in addition the category and brand development speed is not a platform type electricity supplier, in this regard, NetEase (hereinafter referred to as the "sea purchase koala koala NetEase") CEO Zhang Lei beg to differ. In fact, do the self mode of electricity supplier has a stronger right to speak to the supply chain, but because of the support of the brand and the funds, self mode is more likely to get brand authorization, she said.

industry questioned: Overweight layout slow

not every business are suitable for self mode, it is the most close to the traditional business, not on asset light Internet industry is the most intelligent mode, not only can not avoid the logistics and warehousing Zanghuoleihuo, on the capital chain and the requirements of the supply chain is not small. According to the Beijing Business Daily reporter, at present the majority of cross-border electricity supplier companies to play with the free trade zone mode, and this may be the problem in the eyes of the industry.

"free trade zone is a new mode of import and export business, policy support, which is good for the industry, but on the other hand mode self + free trade zone is too dependent on the policy is not a good thing", a high level of cross-border electricity supplier on the Beijing Daily reporter said such concerns, "such as the recent post tax adjustment there the dispute, once the policy change will affect the whole business model, which makes the enterprise layout slow and poor development."

in terms of the business model itself, there is also a gap between proprietary mode. "Do the electricity supplier self mode is relatively heavy, not enough light assets", Analysys International analyst Wang Xiaoxing said, "and this model is actually the competition is to control the supply chain, the traditional retailers and foreign trade enterprises have more experience."

crack way: supply chain to control the flexible

Although the

policy is not controlled by the firm, but the NetEase to maintain long-term good policy koala optimistic, Zhang Lei was quite sure, she told the Beijing Daily reporter, "the policy is very clear, but from the official policy high-level position and action point of view, we believe that the future policy direction for the industry will have a long-term stable positive role".


NetEase has been benefited from favorable policies, the bonded warehouse in Hangzhou, Ningbo and Zhengzhou, and the Hangzhou bonded warehouse is the only comprehensive test area of cross-border electricity supplier, Zhang Lei believes that the development and innovation of the NetEase koalas have more freedom and flexibility.

"proprietary supply chain model can be the right to speak firmly in their own hands, the management efficiency is higher, can make a quick response to strategy adjustment, such as the speed of response in stocking products and logistics, we have to try, Zhang Lei said," the NetEase koala and Sinotrans is a strategic partner, with the help of overseas logistics ability, rapid iteration of goods can be achieved, and according to the data analysis by the NetEase, the NetEase can make purchase koala scale and pace more reasonable, so that the entire supply chain more flexible."

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