Black registrar vitech

today for everyone to reveal a black registrar: Hello World Wide Web (

1 CN domain name registration is 1 yuan, 110 yuan and


2 in the absence of any notice,.Com domain and.Net domain name renewals rose to 120 yuan a year


had a.Cn domain related to the Olympic Games, in the absence of any notice, be recovered, no refund.

to the domain name expires soon, actually let me renew, thanks I found, or have to white 110 yuan.

due to various black behavior of the Registrar, I have to give up several domain names registered in the station.

there are several domain names will soon expire, I also intend to give up renewals, although a little reluctant.

I personally guarantee the authenticity of the article.

please do not register the domain name and purchase space to the registrar.

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