Electricity supplier WeChat platform to open the payment interface into the biggest power

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a short time is about 0.2~0.4 seconds, while in 0.35 seconds, vivo mobile phone manufacturers sold 1000 mobile phone in the WeChat platform, WeChat paid by total sales reached 3 million 500 thousand yuan. The year’s most popular online shopping in 2013 double 11 day, through Alipay transactions per second on average the whole platform to sell 400 thousand yuan.

Vivo operations division told Tencent technology, then the monitoring is very simple, because the monitor almost instantly became a rush to complete the interface.

, however, Vivo is able to complete such a business promotion, a very important reason is that it has won the WeChat payment interface. Shu recalled that all this comes from a visit to WeChat in the second half of 2013.

because the first service number does not have any interface, so Vivo service number and other businesses can only provide consumers with some simple information.

the second half of 2013, Vivo marketing director Feng Lei led the team to Guangzhou to visit the WeChat team. At that time they received the WeChat open platform business group. The Vivo team demonstrated the product to the WeChat team and made it possible to open some of the interfaces separately, so the two sides had the next collaboration.

as sales activity itself, Shu Ke said, WeChat filed down payment interface, debugging normal after probably in January 2014, because just to catch up with the Xplay3S sales schedule, so I took part in WeChat for a try. This activity was eventually named prerelease sales, and 1000 sales attracted more than 50 thousand people panic buying.

next, Vivo plans to use WeChat payment interface to do some accessories and sales of late products.

March 4th, WeChat officially announced that WeChat payment interface is now open to the service has been certified. This is followed by the opening of WeChat’s nine open interface.

as commented by the outside world, the opening of WeChat’s payment interface allows WeChat to form a complete closed-loop ecosystem. WeChat payment is not a payment tool, but the integration of WeChat’s overall ability to open a complete set of business solutions.

from WeChat customer service to WeChat sellers

Early WeChat

platform operators of public numbers, many businesses are only used as a platform to promote themselves, and take advantage of this natural part of social platforms began some CRM (Customer Relationship Management) "business", but with the gradual opening of the WeChat features, WeChat gradually meet their demand for more.

from the point of the function, differentiated service number and subscription number of public accounts in the WeChat 5 version, businesses can use the functions just a daily user push contains pictures and text, and to communicate with the user only some.

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