ndia’s largest electricity supplier Flipkart enter the Amazon grocery industry

according to foreign media reports, India’s largest electricity supplier companies Flipkart plans to enter the grocery industry, and to promote the network sales of furniture business. The company intends to take advantage of this type of product, the market in India and the Amazon to get the opportunity to compete.


according to public information, India has a population of 1 billion 200 million, more and more people choose to buy more goods through the Internet, which also makes the country to become one of the fastest growing global smart mobile phone market. The total value of the products sold in India network is expected to grow 10 fold to $188 billion in 2025.

grocery food industry to make sure there is room for profit, but there are difficulties. However, this does not mean that is not possible, Flipkart CEO Bini Bansal said. The company will start selling groceries next year, is expected to expand the scale of business in three years.

, however, it is understood that Amazon has begun to carry out the pilot work in some cities in India to sell groceries. So the Flipkart into the grocery industry, no doubt in the India market will directly challenge amazon.


Flipkart and Amazon’s competition is not from the beginning in early 2014, Flipkart announced a $1 billion investment, the investors in the industry are "known" level — such as the Tiger Fund, Russian DST, Morgan Stanley, Sofina etc.. But the second day, the United States announced the Amazon tit for tat, to the India business investment of $2 billion, so the competition between them is not one or two days.


, from the current e-commerce market in India, the China, far behind the United States and other countries, however, India’s unique national conditions and the huge population base, believe that e-commerce will have a huge market in the future of the country’s. It is worth mentioning that, at the beginning of this year there are news that Alibaba is seeking shares Flipkart.

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