How to reduce the risk of C2C transformation of the owners of the sale

now there are a lot of webmasters are turning to C2C, not in the past to do garbage station to make money. Do not want to turn to do the beginning of the C2C certainly not much experience.

or financial constraints, too much pressure can not stand. However, the current C2C payment is the largest case of payment, how to reduce the risk is very necessary. Some time ago, did not pay attention to the risk of a week pressed more than 7 thousand pieces of goods, and are not selling models. Here to talk about.

for the most popular mode of payment, cash on delivery, Alipay, caifutong trade, direct bank transfer.

risk is the largest way of payment is cash on delivery, take my site is basically a monthly 3 to 10 single malicious orders, the loss of the courier fee and pressure on the goods. How to solve this problem? Deposit is certainly not, if he is willing to deposit rather he must use alipay.

I usually do this:

a, students do not sell (unless deposit)

is also no way to write the students, I have not come to these 10 pieces of goods, said the 5 is not a student, the success of the order of the 10 students up to the next 2. We are not easy to make money, I hope you pay attention to this group. They must pay a deposit, or not sell this group.

two, the express delivery can not place

is also part of the courier company, it delivered, he will seek to buy, just say that they do take a car in the past. To the end or not. But this situation can be said that there are 10 of the 5 said no. This situation can ask him to find his friend (can send) collection of

three, the address is not detailed to sell

this kind of crowd basically do not really buy things, people want to see the goods. Because he did not want to let others know the real address, just look at the goods with the psychological.

four, to determine the age of about 18 years of age do not sell

because of the age of the child, the brain most like heat, most of the money is not the case, he would like to send the brain fever did not want too much good.

to talk about Alipay, Alipay is actually can do. But we understand the truth, know Alipay people basically know TAOBAO, TAOBAO is what place? If the TAOBAO to a seller can bear 500 of the market, it is now has

accepted 5000 sellers in the market, the purchase price plus 20 yuan to sell a lot of things. If you do not want to make money to sell TAOBAO, unless you have very few people to master. For the proliferation of goods is not necessary in the top selling, there was no need for a Alipay deal, run rate is higher than 95%. But a Alipay interface, direct payment rate may be reduced to run a single point.

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