Master turned fashion shop opened income comparable to star network Reds

electricity supplier ecosystem, the beneficiaries are not limited to manufacturers, shop owners, network customer service, consumers, couriers, a new career and even the industry is constantly emerging. Reporters recently learned that once the shop model has evolved into the network reds, economic models is transformed into Wanghong economy. The only part of the web and the net income comparable to star, red incubator professional also came into being, the original brand, jobs and economic benefits have increased significantly.

hot thousands of original brand

in May last year, Taobao became the owner of the Dong Xiaosa, is a live webcast of the network anchor, every time the webcast can get millions of people concerned. Under the support of fans, only more than a year, Dong Xiaosa’s Taobao store has become the three gold crown shop, monthly income of more than six digits. The same is the big red shop owner Wang Yi on micro-blog has 1 million 930 thousand fans, since the opening of the shop, as long as there are new products on the shelves, the day’s turnover must be the first class of women’s platform.

Statistical data from Taobao

display, this year "6· 18 big promotion, the top ten sales outlets in 7 for women, red net shop; in the daily sales, part of the net new red shop day turnover exceeded ten million yuan, no less than the well-known clothing brand performance.


hundreds of millions of sales, is more and more of the original brand was born. Currently, Taobao’s network of more than 1000 red shop. Since each store sells a product that is not limited to a single brand, it opens up the market for at least thousands of original brands. According to Taobao statistics, the outbreak of red net shop is 2.5 times the traditional Taobao shop.

net red shop has obvious short board

, the reporter found that the growth path of the red net is quite similar: I most beautiful young fashion Master, with their own taste and vision as the leading of clothing selection and visual promotion; through social media gathering popularity, and then rely on fans group directional marketing, the fans attention into purchasing power.

with the red net economy just unfolding a keen sense of smell, some entrepreneurs spotted opportunities, with red net incubator appear on the business ecosystem. Net red incubator expert Feng Min said, although the red shop network has a clear business model, but the short board is also obvious: the lack of supply chain support, team management is not standardized, the fans economy is too simple. So, red net incubator like "nanny + agent + supply chain", not only help the web to interact with the fans, advertising and marketing, more important is the integration of network involved in red shop supply chain.

in a clothing store network red for example, because of a huge amount of fans, rely on the network red, it is difficult to design, selection and sales of products, and red incubator from foreign brand stores, shops, designer shops looking for buyers for its fans design positioning, and network Reds to determine how to shape the image of the store and the original brand. Through this effort, a single shop can provide the

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