Honey bud depth to control the milk supply chain across the border to impact the domestic milk powde

2015 cross-border electricity supplier in the air by blowing more fierce, from the initial diaper war has gradually to the whole category of competition situation.

cross-border milk powder is one of the largest domestic growth category, mothers began targeting overseas milk, eating most of the domestic milk market, making it difficult to appear in the domestic sales of milk powder brands. Especially with the maternal population consumption upgrade, accelerate the trend of integration of urban and rural areas, which makes milk appear in the market at home and abroad Rainbow Night.

The layout of the pain points to control the core strategic deep market


honey bud quickly insight into the market two core pain points, first of all, the mother milk industry is the most sensitive category, after the melamine incident in 2008, milk powder import market demand increased significantly. Data show that China’s imports of milk powder from 140 thousand tons in 2008 to surge in 2014 to 1 million 50 thousand tons, an increase of more than 6 times in the past, in the high-end infant formula milk powder market, the proportion of foreign brands has also increased. Secondly, by the consumer favorite foreign milk powder, such as the German version of aptamil, Holland version of the U.S. version of the bullpen, Mead Johnson, before purchasing to buy often required by overseas. Not only receive a long time, but there are many uncontrollable factors in the upstream supply chain.

so in July of this year, honey bud, Nestle, in one fell swoop to sign Danone Heinz, Wyeth, Mead Johnson and Hero Baby6 the world’s infant formula enterprises. This opened the domestic cross-border electricity supplier, for the first time to get through the whole process of the brand from the brand to the consumer.


honey bud CEO Liu Nan said, direct procurement from the brand, and one hand to control the supply chain from the transport to the customs declaration of the whole process, in order to ensure the quality of 100%, so that consumers feel at ease."

optimize channel control cost price war on the industry more healthy

in addition to more secure and safe accident, and these well-known brands of direct cooperation, help to shorten the level, making the terminal retail price more affordable. It is reported that the foreign milk powder in the country, most of the sales price range of 200-300 yuan. The cross-border business benefit from national policy, which means that the same brand of milk powder will reach 80-100 yuan decline. Therefore, the industry believes that the signing of the domestic retail pattern of milk powder will have a profound impact, and the collective form of continuous contract, the industry also has a huge role in the signal.


for maternal electricity supplier industry price war, Mead Johnson cross-border senior manager Yang Qia said, "last year the price war of the milk industry is very powerful, in fact, we understand the sense of Chinese mother although the price factor, but not the only factor." In the brand side, the significance of cross-border is to provide a mother with a channel of the sun, so that the Chinese mother

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